Yeong Ning
Founder and CEO of Pentaip

Pentaip - FinTech - Robo Advisor - Southeast Asia - Series A

Hi guys, we are looking for funding and below are some background of the company.

Pentaip is a financial technology company specializing in the second generation of artificial intelligence investment, or commonly known as the second generation of robo-advisors.

The second-generation of robo-advisor integrates various resources (such as big data, regulatory, self learning and etc) vertically and generates the portfolios that are customized to users' preference. The artificial intelligence is implemented and applied to the professional market and the mass market. In other words, the second generation robo-advisor is not only designed to meet the mass market investment needs (B2C) but also to meet the needs of professional investment managers (B2B).

Our artificial intelligence learning framework is 100% in-house developed. The project has been developed for one and a half years. At the current stage, the artificial intelligence is similar to an excellent investment manager with around three years of experience in portfolio construction. It is just a matter of time that a robo-advisor will be better than a human investment manager due to its' self learning system similar to alpha go.

If you are interested to know more about innovative technology company like us, please contact us at for further details. We are currently at the series A of fundraising.