Andy Cook

Co-founder & CEO at Tettra
Co-founder of Formerly HubSpot via Rentabilities (acquired Oct. 2013)

Ahoy there, I'm Andy Cook, Co-founder & CEO of Tettra

Hi All - Figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Andy Cook, the co-founder & CEO of Tettra. We build an automated internal knowledge base that hooks up to Slack/MS Teams to help teams answer repetitive questions.

I started Tettra about five years ago with my co-founder and friend, Nelson Joyce. Before that, we were both HubSpot working together to build and grow what is now HubSpot's suite of free marketing tools. And before that, I founded a startup called Rentabilities that helped people book product rentals online, which HubSpot bought via a small acquisition in Oct 2013.

Since we started Tettra in Oct 2015, we've grown to just shy of $1M ARR on $1.5M in funding and serve over ~500 customers across the world. Our team is three full-time people (including myself) and a few contractors. Like many companies, we're primarily remote these days and I'm personally based out of the Boston area.

What I can help with:
  • Demand generation (specifically SEO/content marketing)
  • Raising an angel round
  • Product feedback
  • Product-led growth & founder-led sales
  • Early team building & defining the culture
  • Generally being a good listener (aka Founder Therapy)

Some random facts about me:
  • I first met Dharmesh Shah in an elevator almost a decade ago, but didn't have the confidence at the time to give him my elevator pitch
  • I once had my name mentioned and a video game I made shown on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (sadly the game was made in Flash, so almost impossible to show)
  • I'm one of four siblings and all our names start with the letter A