Keith Tan

Investor in Idea-stage founders!
Hey everyone! Keith here. Am an individual who is highly passionate about start-ups and VC investments. Currently, I am working at a Venture Builder/Capital focused on investing in passionate Idea-stage founders from SEA countries

Investor Investing in passionate Idea-stage founders from SEA!

 Hi Everyone! This is an open-call to all entrepreneurs/aspiring
 entrepreneurs(Yes! even if only an idea exists) in SEA(Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia).We are REAPRA, a venture builder investing in promising ideas from passionate and open-minded founders/potential founders from SEA(including Vietnam) and Japan(We are founder-centric!).Our mission and vision is to create new industries through research and practice and investing in sustainable and yet scalable business. We usually take a patient-capital approach in investing to build market leaders of a 100-year industry.

At REAPRA, we believe in co-learning and co-building great businesses with our founders. We invest in Idea-stage and will be keen to hear more about whatever idea you may have(even if you are not working on it full-time at the moment). To us, no idea is a stupid idea and everybody can be a founder. If you think there exists any form of alignment and would like to chat further about this, feel free to drop me an email and we can discuss more! If this opportunity is something that you do not feel aligned with but know someone who might be, feel free to refer them to me as well. Would definitely appreciate it:)

You can check us out here at:

You can drop me an email at: if you are interested and we can chat more:) 
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