Chad Hill

CEO 2D Metric
I am a born serial entrepreneur who has always worked on one business or another. I have a background in product development and online marketing. Most days you can catch me at home either working, playing games or just hanging out with my huskies.

Introductory Post

Hello Forum,

I am Chad Hill, CEO and Founder of 2D Metric. Where do I start..

I have always been entrepreneurial, even as a little kid. I have worked on some pretty bad ideas, and some promising ones over the years. So far none have given me "success". Considering a failing business doesn't exactly pay the bills I would always work at restaurants due to the flexible hours and solid pay. Which is where I got my best idea.

I noticed some restaurants I worked at had operational inefficiencies. Which were easy to spot since I was the one having to compensate for them! So I would give management suggestions on how to fix them based on how I have seen other operations do it better. But of course, they said they didn't want to test out any changes.

Which makes sense, why spend the money and time testing a new strategy that may or may not work? When I realized that it hit me. Well what if I could simply show them it would work? Also if I could, what would that look like?

Well sitting here typing this about 3.5 years later I know what that looks like, and I can finally show the world. 

My team of 4 developers and I after ~14 months of full time work have developed the worlds first easy to use operations simulation tool. Our tool allows users to recreate their restaurants physical operations down to the smallest details. Allowing operators to run scenarios in their simulated restaurant to identify operational inefficiencies, and test solutions quickly. The number of problems restaurateurs can solve with this software is staggering, and it can all be done in a matter of days, rather than the current optimization cycle which can take months or even years to complete.

Now that probably sounds a bit confusing, or maybe even far fetched. But it is all possible and we have a small demo video showcasing just a sliver of functionality here:

I'm sure many of you have been through this startup process, but it has been rough. We went until December without any funding, so keeping a full time team of developers together was a challenge. But we are now facing an even bigger challenge, which is fund raising. We raised 80K initially through family, but haven't had any luck outside of that. 

Which makes sense. We haven't launched yet which cuts out 90% of our options. We are going to operate in a market that doesn't exist yet so there's no established demand. Our whole concept is something nobody has experience with, so they either don't understand it, or don't think they are a good fit to help. Then to top it all off COVID has made in person meetings a rarity, and people don't seem to be in a connecting mood. More than anything, just finding investors to get in front of is our biggest challenge.

In the end we will make it through these challenges. The way we see it, we just need to get to launch and some doors will finally open up. Even if our bank account goes dry before then we will push on and make the best with what we got. Despite these challenges, everyone on the team is excited and optimistic for what is to come.

This got a bit longer than intended, but summarizes nicely who I am, what I'm dealing with and what my team and I are building. Thanks for reading!

I'm Chad Hill and I am building something new.