Venkat Subramanian

Hello! I'm an entrepreneur. Currently working on building a Circular Business Model with Digital technologies. Happy to collaborate with like-minded individuals/teams.

Circular Economy + Digital

At the outset, thanks Dharmesh for creating a blog space. Very thoughtful. 

I'm currently in the process of building Circular Business Models with Digital Technologies. Digital transformation poses challenges for multinational companies in particular due to a large number of locations with different levels of development. Companies are enabled to independently perform a status quo assessment of the existing processes and derive a roadmap. This enables efficient management of the transformation across different locations and generates high efficiency through the numerous analysis functions. 

My aim is to offer time-saving aggregation in determining as well as solution approaches for designing the roadmap based on projects. Fore.g. Industrie 4.0 platform.

I'm searching for a Co-founder with similar thought processes/ideas. 

Let's connect and collaborate if this sounds exciting to you.